the movement is an association for the encouragement of children, youth and young adults through movement, education and Hiphop arts. We focus on self-development, community and healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the association supports the professionalization and recognition of Breaking (Breakdance) and of Hiphop Culture.

the movement spot is a community and expertise center for movement, education and Hiphop Culture. We are passionately committed to the nurturing of children, adolescents and adults through movement and HipHop culture at an inspiring location. The spot is a place for a new growing Community. It’s an open platform for everbody interested in movement, education and Hiphop Culture and who seeks to exchange, network and grow.

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the movement vol. 2 – VIBES

We will fill the square of central Pratteln with the vivid HipHop community in the spirit of peace, love, unity and fun! DATE: September 22nd 2018 LOCATION:... Read More