The association „The Movement“ was founded in Basel, Switzerland, in April 2016. Its purpose is to encourage children, youth and young adults through movement, education and Hiphop arts. We focus on self-development, community and a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, the association supports the professionalization and recognition of Breaking (Breakdance) and of Hiphop Culture.

To achieve these goals, we are establishing a centre in Pratteln (Basel-Landschaft) – we call it „The Movement Spot“. The centre will provide the necessary inspirational and authentic environment to achieve a sustainable impact.

Become a member and support the association. The annual membership fee in Swiss francs is 80 CHF (active member) or 50 CHF (passive member).

Download: Statute

Bank account:

Basler Kantonalbank
The Movement
IBAN: CH14 0077 0253 9949 9200 1

Core Team

Coskun Erdogan president, public relations
Lucas Del Rio Estevez administration, projects
Jason Angelakos webmaster, webdesign
Timo Paris visual arts

Philosophy and vision

„The Movement“ is passionately committed to the encouragement of people – especially kids, youth and young adults – through movement, education and Hiphop culture by providing competent teachers and a positive and inspirational environment. We stand for a healthy, self-reliant community and support the next generation. We are aware of our responsibility as role models and mentors for younger people.

„The Movement“ promotes the professionalization and recognition of breaking and Hiphop culture. We represent a worldwide movement for peace, love, unity, joy and education through Hiphop culture and the arts.

Our vision is to facilitate and promote worldwide projects and centres like “The Movement Spot” that share our values and philosophy, especially in countries with less opportunities for young people.