Born and raised in 1980 in Basel, Switzerland, Tuff Kid started winning Breaking (Breakdance) competitions at the age of fourteen. After participating in several European and world championships (Battle of the Year International, Urban Skills, B-boy Session, etc.) he soon became one of the top B-Boys in the wolrd.

Tuff Kid has participated as a competitor, judge or special guest in numerous worldwide renowned Breaking events, such as Dance Delight (Osaka, Japan), Freestyle Session (Los Angeles, US), Planet X Games (Sydney, Australia), Urban Games (London, UK), World Hip Hop Clan Festival (Seoul, Korea), Redbull BC One (Istanbul, Turkey), Silverback Open Championships (Philadelphia, USA ).

Besides competitions, shows and workshops, he has also danced in theatres with professional dance companies and as a solo artist. In Switzerland his crew Basel City Attack has laid the foundation for the acceptance and incorporation of Hip Hop dance/Breaking in professional theatre productions. He has also performed for several artists and for industrial companies such as Adidas, Nike or Coca-Cola.

Tuff Kid is being credited with having invented and popularized powerful Breaking moves, which inspired B-Boys and B-Girls all around the globe and which have since become standard in Breaking. This made him one of the most influential and respected B-Boys of his generation (of the late 1990s and early 2000s).

After some years of withdrawal from the Breaking community, in 2008 he started training intensively again and traveling as a judge. In 2012 he obtained the Distinguished Talent visa for Australia. He lived in Melbourne, Australia for a year, collaborating with local renowned crews and, amongst other things, giving workshops for the world-famous theatre company Circus OZ. Since 2014 he is being supported by the American sports clothing company Under Armour.