Red Bull BC One Switzerland Cypher 2016 – by Tuff Kid

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B-Boy Tuff Kid, Red Bull BC One Switzerland Cypher Judge, talks about his experience in Bern, shares his thoughts on breaking and unveils his new project “The Movement”.

BC one ©Etien

On May 29, the capital of Switzerland saw great battles in the Red Bull BC One Switzerland Cypher. The vibe and energy were intense, even contagious – I felt like I wanted to battle again! I noticed that some of the B-Boys were very focused on catching specific accents of the music and didn’t pay the same attention to the quality of the movements between those accents.

Dr. Hill showed a very high level from the beginning until the end and took the title. In my opinion, his win was well deserved and he seemed to be the only one of the Switzerland Cypher finalists who was ready for the Red Bull BC One Last Chance Cypher. I think it’s interesting to ask, why only him and not more. There are many more opportunities for B-Boys now than before. There is a lot of information available, many workshops to learn from, living legends and pioneers with whom you could train, exchange, etc.

BC One Credit Red Bull_

Probably the crucial factor lies in your mentality. In the end, it is about how hard you really want it and if you are willing to pay the prize. I remember when back in the days, with my crew Basel City Attack, we put everything into breaking. Even though many doubted us, we had a vision and a 100% focus. No distraction – no plan B to distract the plan A. If you do your thing with this feeling and stay open minded for any inspirations, you are on the way to fully develop your potentials. And what matters in the end is not if you become the number one. What counts is committing to the journey with the right mentality. It’s a process that makes you grow, become strong, and more self-reliant. You learn many things that are useful for life in general.

I am not saying that everyone could do it. These are just some of my personal thoughts. I think breaking is facing an exciting time. There have never been so many possibilities to push and further professionalize this art form and the whole community. In Basel, we recently established an association called “The Movement“ to promote breaking and the culture, among other things. One of the projects, for instance, is the initiation of a training camp for advanced B-Boys/B-Girls as well as for passionate movement artists (more information will be soon available on By working together, many things could be done to lift breaking to a new level.

Jean-Christophe Dupasquier & Torvioll Jashari_BC One

Thank you to all the dancers and to all the people who made the Red Bull BC One Switzerland Cypher a successful event.

Tuff Kid

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