Breaking History Basel with Jay-Roc

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B-Boy Jay-Roc and Tuff Kid launched the event „Breaking History Basel“ which took place on April 19, 2017, in Freizeithalle Dreirosen, Basel. The idea is to bring back Basel’s Breaking history, especially to the younger generations.

Jay-Roc (aged 40, 2nd Hiphop Generation in Basel) is internationally known as a B-Boy and musician. He is founder of the crews „Basel City Attack“ and „Ruff’n’X“ (for more on Jay-Roc visit:

The event gathered, probably for the first time, all Breaking generations of Basel. Crew members from Basel City Attack, Ruff’n’X, Circle Jesterz, One Shot, Soul Mates and others attended. We also had the pleasure to have the legendary B-Boy Buz from Zurich at the event, who came together with members of the South Korean crew Morning of Owl.


1983: The beginnings

Before Jay-Roc started with his presentation of the history of Breaking in Basel, he expressed respect to all Breaking pioneers and Hiphop generations from Basel. Then he began his story in the year 1983. It was quite a rough time, compared to today. Although violence was widespread, much time was spent on the streets. Kids and young adults started to break on cardboards outside. As a B-Boy/B-Girl you had to constantly prove yourself, for instance in Battles during school break. For Jay-Roc it is only in recent years that this art form and culture became more open and accessible to other B-Boys/B-Girls or to the public.

1989: First recordings of Switzerland’s TV broadcaster (SF) for the program „Seismo-Nachtschicht“ (street name: Steinenvorstadt).


From Basel into the world

1994 is a key year. The approximately 10 active crews in Basel form an all-star team called „Basel City Attack“, with the goal in mind to make a difference not only in Switzerland but also internationally. In the following years the crew evolves to become on of the best worldwide. Between the years of 1994 and 2001 Basel attracted many B-Boys/B-Girls and crews from all around the world. Benny Kimoto and Tuff Kid establish themselves worldwide as pioneers in powermoves. The following generation, Ruff’n’X, was also successful, establishing their name in Switzerland and abroad.

New era

After those successful years many B-Boys started pursuing new directions in life and the community dissolved gradually. Nevertheless, in recent times a new generation is growing. They have the advantage to learn from the history of past generations and from experienced dancers that are still committed. Jay-Roc advises the younger generation to organize themselves. Of crucial importance to him is also what he refers to as „B-Boy Mentality“: focus, determination and no excuses – because never before there were so many possibilities to become the best version of yourself, as a B-Boy/B-Girl and a person.