Crowdfunding – Support THE MOVEMENT SPOT!

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After two years of intense work we have found the perfect location to realize our vision of “The Movement Spot”. The Spot is an innovative community and competence centre to:

  • encourage children and adults in an inspiring and authentic environment through movement, education and hiphop arts
  • promote Breaking (Breakdance) and Hiphop Culture in a professional way



The centre will provide the necessary inspirational and authentic environment to achieve a sustainable impact on children and young people through dance, movement and hiphop arts.

For B-Boys and B-Girls (Break-dancers), the Spot will be a new home and hotspot to grow as a community.

For Movement artists and enthusiasts, the Spot offers an inspirational space and community to practice, exchange and develop.


– classes and workshops in dance and training (Breaking, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Yoga, Pilates, and more)
– holistic training with movement experts
– sessions and open trainings
– rehearsal and practice room for dance companys and movement enthusiasts


– educational projects for children, youth, schools and social institutions
– continuing education and training in dance and movement (for amateurs and professionals)
– seminars, lectures


– Rap, Graffiti, DJing workshops
– Events (competitions, jams, sessions)
– community building

What we need backing for:

To build this innovative center, we need a financial aid to cover the costs of the interior work (540m2).

We have received first financial support from the lottery fund and from the Baselland Sports Department. We have already established official partnerships with Tanzbüro Basel, JuAr Basel (youth work) and with the internationally leading sports clinic Rennbahnklinik.

Help us build this unique platform!

Thank you for considering donating to this project. – Let’s move and build together!

Much Love, The Movement Family