Program of the opening event on May 26th!

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On Saturday, May 26th will be the opening of the movement spot in Pratteln. Stop by and get sucked in by the movement and HipHop culture!

There will be a bar, snacks and a lounge to chill from 3pm to 8pm. The exhibition with pieces by Timo Paris and graffiti artist WandART will provide the perfect framework for the event. Join us! Participate in a free workshop or dance to the music of our live DJ.





15.00 Uhr Einlass Öffentlichkeit
15.45-16.30 Uhr Breaking Workshop Raum 1
16.40-17.25 Uhr Calisthenics Workshop Gym
17.45-18.15 Uhr Vortrag „Hiphop Geschichte & Kultur Basel“ Lounge
ab 18.15 Uhr Live-DJ und Cyphers Raum 2
ab 18.45 Uhr Breaking Exhibition Battle:

T-Mo vs. Bboy Astro (Color Crew Jam, BE)

Raum 2
bis ca. 20 Uhr Live-DJ und Cyphers Raum 2


Highlights (Dauerausstellung)

Siebdruckstand Raum 2
Kalligrafiestand Galerie
Graffiti Livepainting Aussenbereich
Merchandise Raum 2
Massage boost Gym
Video- & Kunstinstallation Raum 3
Infostand Rennbahnklinik Gym
Infostand „The Movement“ Lounge