At the beginning there is the acquisition of a well-founded and technical basis. It is the tool of every dancer. The better and more versed the technique, the more varied the possibilities become.

A conscious creative approach to movement is practiced. We look for personal strengths and weaknesses in order to develop the strengths and learn how to deal with the weaknesses. As soon as a certain foundation is established, we will try out different ways of practising this foundation. It is about musicality, expressiveness, presence, improvisation, creativity, personality, exchange, competition, respect, discipline, control, character, flow, concept and much more.

The practice and philosophy of Breaking goes hand in hand and is deeply rooted in the classroom and beyond. The transition between class and open practice should therefore be as natural as possible.

All students are welcome - those who like to challenge themselves and move forward as well as those who just want to let off steam and have fun.

Course instructors