the movement arena

the movement arena offers a platform for local, national and international artists and young talents to present themselves to a wide audience. The professional realization and the world-class performances of the artists inspire young and old.

the movement arena presents highlights like the movement arena battle, dance shows and rap concerts. Local artists and young talents find a platform to present and express themselves.

the movement arena - an event with international guests and a high performance level in breaking, is organised by the non-profit association the movement in cooperation with a partner.

Highlights such as dance shows, rap concerts and an "international urban dance battle" are part of this event and let the arena vibrate.

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the movement arena battle

the movement arena battle brings leading performers from the international urban dance scene together. It is one of the most important events for the urban scene in Switzerland.

The "International Urban Dance Battle" in the movement arena challenges the most creative side of dancers of urban styles and offers an entertaining spectacle for both young and old. The dancers compete in teams of 2 versus 2 against each other.

The Battle offers space for mixing styles, freestyle performance and the use of various techniques. At least one of the crew should have a background as B-Boy or B-Girl.