Bring a friend!

Turn your friends into "movers" too and benefit from great discounts for you and your friends!

We believe that moving with friends is more fun than moving alone. That's why we have launched our Bring a Friend campaign.

Members with a valid subscription can bring up to 3 friends to their favourite class in the spot! Then it is time to move, groove, laugh and have fun together.

It gets even better: If a new subscription is successfully taken out, Mover and Friend benefit from attractive discounts!

Join in now!


  • The existing member with a current subscription in the movement (Mover) will receive a discount of CHF 50 on a seamless subscription extension if the friend (Friend) is successfully placed.
  • The Mover's friend receives the newly concluded subscription at a discount of CHF 50. To take out a new subscription, you must be a member of the association.

  • The "Bring a friend" promotion is valid from 30.07.2020 - 26.09.2020 and only applies to subscriptions taken out during this period.

  • The discount is not paid out in cash.
  • If the Mover's existing subscription is not renewed, only the Friend will receive the discount of CHF 50.

  • The maximum discount that a Mover as an intermediary can receive on his subscription extension is CHF 150. A Mover can therefore recommend a maximum of 3 new members as part of this promotion.

  • A free trial lesson is available to the Friend.