Workshop «Move More»

The 'Movement Workshop' is adapted to participants, the facility, and the direction of my own movement practice.

The Workshop

Whilst content changes, the objectives remain:

  • To create a learning space through which to explore, map & interpret our subject: Movement. Through a variety of 'frames' (individual & partner games, drills, movement tasks & scenarios) we give temporary definition to our movement experiences and extract meaningful learning outcomes.
  • To share a range of methodology for developing attributes and capacities such as mobility, strength, balance and coordination as well as tools for injury prevention & rehabilitation. We take a multi-dimensional approach to developing our physical and cognitive movement potential
  • To investigate micro-subjects such as organic strength, lower-body complexity, locomotion, hand-balancing, floor communication, object manipulation, softness & tension, play/fight & more. Through these context we contemplate and appreciate the opportunity for endless practice and learning.

Workshop is carried out in English.

Specific content changes and is not guaranteed.

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Workshops are open to all bodies and abilities. Everyone will be challenged at their own level.

To reserve your space PM/inbox: info[at]


Date & time

Sunday 29th September 2019

From 11.00 - 18.30 (2x 3 hour sessions w/90 min break)


CHF 110.- / Earlybird CHF 90.- (before end of August)

To reserve your space PM/inbox: info[at]


The Movement Spot
Gallenweg 8
4133 Pratteln

The Filter

Jason Round is a movement practitioner who travels to develop and share his movement practice and perspective. A bricolage and 'filter' of all his teachers and movement experiences, he is driven by three 'wheels' which guide the 'MoveMore' project: learn, share & connect.

'MoveMore: Movement Practice' is the platform through which Jason shares with those interested in exploring Movement as a physical practice & individual perspective. He encourages reflection through movement exploration as well as awareness of how the way we move (or do not) affects our individual and social experience.