Hip hop culture meets antique spaces

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, "the movement" invites international and local breaking and house dancers to a battle in the Roman Arena of Augusta Raurica Theater in Augst/BL. It will be a unique performance in the ancient theater dating back to 180 AD. Hip-hop culture meets Roman history at one of Switzerland's most impressive archaeological sites.

the movement arena 2023

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, "the movement" invites international and local stars as well as up-and-coming talents of urban hip-hop movement art to compete in a high-profile "dance battle" in the Roman Arena of Augusta Raurica Theater. The main focus is on the "breaking" dance style, but the creativity of the performers is challenged by a mix of styles, freestyle performances, and various techniques. This makes the battle a unique spectacle for the audience as well.

The third edition of "the movement arena" takes place on Saturday, June 24, 2023, at the Augusta Raurica Theater. The Roman theater provides an impressive backdrop for the contemporary "dance battle". The contrast between antiquity and urban modernity will inspire and delight both participants and the audience.

1vs1 House
2vs2 Breaking (Bonnie & Clyde)
1vs1 Breaking Kids (-12)
1vs1 Breaking Juniors (13-17)
1vs1 B-Girl (-17) *
1vs1 B-Girl (SBL) **
1vs1 B-Boy (SBL) **

*) In this category, the TOP4 B-Girls from the categories 1vs1 Breaking Kids (-12) and 1vs1 Breaking Juniors (13-17) will be selected by the jury and compete against each other in a category only for B-Girls (-17).

**) SBL - 'Swiss Breaking League'. More infos will be soon on – www.swissbreaking.ch


• Jon Kwizera (Switzerland)
• DJ Dash (Switzerland)
• Nalita (Switzerland)


• Thesis (USA)
• B-Girl AT (Finland)
• Roxrite (USA)


• OG Samson (Slovenia)
• Mykey (Switzerland)
• Feel (Switzerland)


• Antoinette (France)
• Perla (Switzerland)
• Yugson (France)


• Redchild (Germany)
• Remo (Switzerland)



Bonnie & Clyde

1st: Winner plates + CHF 1000.-

2nd: Winner plates + CHF 700.-


1st: Winner plates + CHF 500.-

2nd: Winner plates + CHF 300.-

In each category, the first and second place winners will be awarded with winner plates.


Important information for battle participants:

10:00 AM | Registration & Check-In

11:00 AM | Start of Preselections

*To avoid waiting times on site, we ask you to register in advance via and8. You can register for the battles here: and8.dance

For the audience:

Doors open: 4:00 PM

Show starts: 5:00 PM

Event ends: 11:00 PM

Detailed schedule: and8.dance

Ticket prices: CHF 25 (Adults) CHF 15 (12-18 years, students, AHV/IV)

Note: Free admission for children under 12 years and accompanying persons of IV recipients. The ticket entitles you to a round trip in the TNW area to Augst/Kaiseraugst (SBB code (2.)(V)(Spez.), 2nd class) on the event day (June 24, 2023).

EarlyBird tickets: shop.augustaraurica.ch

Info & Address Location:


Giebenacherstrasse 17

4302 Augst – Switzerland


Directions: www.theater-augusta-raurica.ch

We present "the movement arena 2023" in co-production with Theater Augusta Raurica and thank our generous supporters:

Basel-Landschaft – Swisslos

Basel-Landschaft - Office for Culture

Augusta Raurica

Special thanks go to:

Event Partner: Konnex GmbH

Graphic Design: Former Grafik

Content/Media Partner: Stance

Your support helps us create a unique dance platform. Thank you!

Background photo: Ivana Krešić

Important information about the event: Bad weather plan for 'the movement arena' 2023. Join us on June 24, 2023, at the breathtaking Roman Arena of Augusta Raurica Theater for 'the movement arena'. Even if there are a few raindrops, the event doesn't have to be canceled, as our stage is covered and we even have a Plan B in store: We'll move the event to a nearby hall and adjust the program accordingly to still provide you with an unforgettable experience. Check our website and social media channels for all updates. We'll do everything in our power to ensure you have an unforgettable time, whether indoors or outdoors! Be there and let's celebrate!

Your the movement Team