Shotokan Kenpo Karate is not a new style of karate. It teaches karate for self-defense and personal development but not for participation in karate competitions.

We all teach from the age of 5. The lessons are suitable for newcomers as well as advanced students.

The name shenxin of our karate school is composed of two Chinese words: the shen (mind) and the xin (heart). The merging of the two words reflects the "why" Raphaël Vergeres opened the karate school in Pratteln 15 years ago: shenxin is the overall term for the lessons in the karate school, where the spirit is trained and fought with heart.

The spirit, stands symbolically for the mental, emotional and spiritual development of the human being. The heart, symbolizes courage, dedication, discipline and honor.

"In my classes, I do not fill vessels but light a fire so that karate is not only practiced in the dojo, but also taken into everyday life." (Raphaël Vergères, course instructor)

Course instructor


Monday and Thursday
Children from 5 to 13 years
5.45pm - 6.45pm
Teens & Adults
7pm - 8.15pm