Open Practice

We offer free training opportunities for joint or independent training in no specific dance style or discipline.
Gym, strength training, indoor street workout, calisthenics, preventive training - a professional strength training area is available at the spot.

Open practice is about providing dancers and movement artists the space in which they can pursue their training, no matter what dance style or discipline they are practicing. They can train as individuals or in a group. Individual training and mutual support are in the focus. You can train in one of the dance studios as well as in the area for functional fitness.

Important: There are no teachers around during the open practice. Personal responsibility, consideration and mutual assistance are required.

Excerise and Health

Training supports the posture in our everyday life, prevents injuries, improves your health and reduces stress. Specific exercises and multiple repetition encourage personal discipline and a healthy self-confidence.


  • Training tower with pull-up / dip bars and rings
  • Dumbbells and barbells
  • Weight plates
  • Kettlebells
  • Gymnastics balls
  • Various physiotherapy equipment (including resistance bands, balance and stability equipment)
  • Mars
  • Gravity Boots


Everything in the training area is underlaid with protective mats. Nevertheless, we would like to recommend our members and guests that they use the training area with a reasonable self-assessment.

The association the movement assumes no liability for accidents that do not happen during a training lesson or with the personal trainer.

Opening hours

Monday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday5pm - 9pm
on request
7am - 12pm

on request

The facilities can be used outside the opening hours in agreement with the management.

The opening hours do not coincide with the opening hours of the meeting point.