Urs Baur aka Black Tiger

Rap Beginner / Rap Boot Camp

Urs Baur is a certified Psychologist (Msc.) and he has been rapping for over 30 years. In addition, he works as a music editor (Black Music Special), actor, DJ and producer. For the first time in Swiss HipHop history, a continuous Rap course with Rap pioneer Black Tiger will be launched.  As Rap pioneer and and active M.C., he brings a lot of experience to the table. It is for the first time that he will be handing down his knowledge in a weekly course. The course operates in a progressing manner. The groups should be constant over longer periods of time in order to generate in-depth knowledge of Rap and HipHop culture.

Matthias Kegelmann


Calisthenics exert, certified Fitness coach

Matthias is an expert in bringing control, body tension and strength to a new level. He has a lot of experience and fundamental knowledge about the progression to an athletic, highly functional body, which doesn’t only look good but which is highly capable. His mantra about getting stronger: „Strength is technique“.

Erick Dantas da Cunha aka “Panda”


Member of the funk dance group Funkeados (Brazil). Competitor at Battles such as Juste Debout Germany or Original Slum Battle. Erick has moved to Basel only recently and wants to share his passion at the movement spot.

Unterricht: Popping (Alle Levels)

Pascale Utz


Yoga teacher, professional dancer, choreographer, craniosacral therapist (still learning)

Pascale was educated at SEAD (Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, the Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Yogaring / Stefan R. Senn and at the Kientalerhof, Schule für Körpertherapie. She learned classic Hatha Yoga in tradition of the Indian Yogi Paramapadma Dhiranandaji. She now extends her knowledge of the body in her studies of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. That knowledge is incorporated in her yoga class.

Chantal Sieber aka “Shanty”


Professional dancer, movement therapist, personal trainer and specialist in movement and health promotion.

 In 2007, Chantal discovered urban dance. She spent months in Los Angeles to better herself as a dancer. During her last visit to LA she discovered her love of House dance. She has been practicing and teaching House ever since. Since 2013 she has been educating herself in Ballet and Contemporary. She now works as a choreographer and dancer for MIR Compagnie, TanzGas and Uni-t Dance Company in Switzerland.

Marco Volta aka “Lupo”


Professional dancer, dance teacher

Marco has been working in various theaters and freelance dance companies — Theater Hildesheim, St.Gallen, Theater Freiburg/Heidelberg, Anna Huber, Joachim Schlömer, CoisCéim Dance Theatre, Compagnie Drift, Hermesdance andMIR Compagniea.o. Since 2003 he has been teaching professional dancers at art schools and studios.

Philippe Pomaski

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)

Martial artist

Philippe trained for the Team Basel with the guidance of Claude Jäger and the legendary Leonardo Vieira to get the brown belt. After successful years abroad (Sao Paolo, LA) as a professional martial artist, he returned back home to Basel. He wants to share his passion for BJJ with children, adolescents and adults at the movement spot.

Competition achievements:

  • first and only Swiss IBJJF world champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Long Beach, California)
  • 1. place at IBJJF Pan American championships in New York
  • silver medallist at Abu Dhabi World Professional Jiu Jitsu Championship in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • double silver medallist at the IBJJF European championships in Lissabon, Portugal
  • triple bronze medallist at the IBJJ Pan American Championships in Irvine, California
  • 1st place at the Swiss championships of BJJ in Aarau, Switzerland


Soul Rebels Crew


The Soul Rebels are a B-Girl crew from Zurich, founded in 2006. The courses at the movement spot will be taught by each of the members individually in a random order, which gives them the opportunity to each make the most of their strength such as Flow, Power, Style and Freezes and pass them on.

At the moment, the crew is teaching at the HF at Tanzwerk Zurich and training for battles in and out of Switzerland, working as jury members, organizing their own festival Breakthrough, acting at a dance theater production in London, studying Contemporary and Urban dance and traveling to Uganda for Breaking projects. And besides all of this, they work as physiotherapists and architects.

Pascal Heinzelmann aka B-Boy “Pi”


Dancer, Designer

Pi has 17 years of experience in Breaking. For him, Breaking is fun, energy and community. It nurtures creativity and improvisation as well as strength, endurance and flexibility. In addition to being a dancer, Pi is a full time designer.

Timo Paris aka B-Boy “T-Mo”


Professional dancer, freelance artist, student (arts)

The first thing for a dancer is a strong technique. It is the tool for every dancer, the better and more versatile the technique, the greater the possibilities. We foster a conscious and creative approach to movement. We’re looking for personal strengths and weaknesses, building up the strengths and learning how to deal with weaknesses. As soon as the base is set, we will experiment with it. It’s about musicality, expression, presence, improvisation, creativity, personality, exchange, competition, respect, discipline, control, character, flow, concepts and many more things.

The practice and philosophy of Breaking go hand in hand and are based in the teaching and beyond that. Therefore, the transgression into open practice will be facilitated.

Everyone is welcome in class; those, who want to be challenged and evolve as a dancer but also those, who just want to have fun.

A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each students must find for himself.(Bruce Lee)

Jorge Garcia Pérez


Professional dancer, choreographer

Jorge is soloist dancer at the Ballett Theater Basel, co-founder of the company Carta Blanca Dance and of international importance as a choreographer and in freelance projects.

Jorge started his career as a choreographer in 2011 and won the Sperber Jugend-Förderpreis (Switzerland) in the same year. He has won many international prizes both as a dancer and a choreographer ever since. www.jorgegarciaperez.com

Sarah Hermes


Wellness masseuse

Massages are perfect as a prophylaxis and addition to dance training. They keep body and mind in balance. Sarah got her degree as wellness masseuse in 2009. She studied movement and music at Zürcher Hochschule der Künste.