the movement spot is a unique community and expertise center for movement, education and Hiphop Culture. The project was initiated by the non-profit association the movement (Basel). 

With the movement spot the following aims should be met in a sustainable, authentic and inspiring manner:

  • to nurture children, adolescents and young adults through movement and HipHop culture at an inspiring location
  • to support and nurture the ever-growing Breaking community in Basel
  • to play a part in the professionalizing and recognition of Breaking and HipHop culture
  • to provide a much needed space where movement enthusiasts and artists can meet up, collaborate and develop on a professional level

What the spot provides:

  • 2 big rooms with sprung floors for dance and martial arts (100m2 and 120m2)
  • professionally equipped area for functional training
  • independent training possibilities in each of the dance studios and in the functional training area
  • communal area with lounges, a library, wifi, beverages and snacks
  • shop (functional clothing, merchandise)
  • network of dancers, artists and athletes

Courses and more Location

We are dependent on financial and any other kind of support. If you would like to help, don’t hesitate to contact us!