The association the movement

the movement is a non-profit organisation that inspires people to develop their potential through movement, dance and HipHop-arts. Furthermore, the association aims to foster these artistic and cultural forms of expression.

The association runs its own cultural centre called the movement spot and offers a wide range of training and educational opportunities through the movement academy. A great variety of events and own artistic creations are produced by the movement culture.

the movement spot is the unique cultural centre for movement, education and HipHop-arts in northwestern Switzerland with international appeal.

the movement academy develops educational offers and cooperates with various institutions and organisations to share and enhance knowledge.

the movement culture produces creations and platforms for artistic expression.

The association focuses on self-development, community and a healthy lifestyle. the movement is also committed to promoting movement, dance and hip hop culture in society and improving their status. the movement also has a wide network of artists and a network of competent therapists.

The aim is to achieve the following goals in a sustainable, authentic and inspiring way:

  • To encourage children, teenagers and adults in an inspiring environment through hip hop culture and movement (dance, training, martial arts, body awareness)
  • To organise events, workshops and various occasions (e.g. guest lectures, discussion groups) to create new platforms and networking opportunities
  • To promote the Breaking (Breakdance) Community in the Basel area
  • To contribute to the professionalisation and establishment of breaking and hip hop culture in Switzerland
  • to offer facilities and platforms where artists and enthusiasts of movement can exchange, network and evolve.

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