Andrea Sulzer

President of the Board | Fundraising

Head of the department education/leisure/culture at the Pratteln municipality

Social worker FH, MAS Cultural Management

I consider the transformation of industrial areas to be exciting. For this reason, I enthusiastically followed everything that happened in and around the Zentrale Pratteln from the very beginning. I met Coskun in the spot and with him the inspiring vision of the movement. I could really feel the team's spirit of optimism in the spot. The people there put their vision of community, mindfulness, development and dance into practice. The fact that I was later asked to serve as president certainly had something to do with my function in the local government. I think it is very enriching for me, as an expert in the cultural and community structures, to be able to accompany and support this valuable start-up the movement.

"I would love to be super happy every day, so that everyone would be infected with this happiness and the whole world would get into cool moves with happiness!"

What sound are you hearing right now?

Gregory Porter - great for rainy days

What is the most adult thing you do?

I get up early in the morning even though I'm not a morning person…

Coffee or tea?

I love teas in all variations.

Stay like this or change?

Discovering and seeing new sides of myself every day, what has always been there and what has developed newly, is something I think is really exciting.