Anne-Catherine Grandchamp

Member of the board | Applications, project conception

Project manager at the eco-centre

Certified biologist, environmental educator CAS

My son was interested in a breaking course at the beginning of 2018. As this dance has always fascinated me since the 80's and because I am a movement person by nature, I was immediately enthusiastic and signed up together with my husband. After a few lessons our son didn't want to participate anymore (not because he was embarrassed by us). But we were thrilled and did not want to stop. Now our son sits with other parents in the lounge while we learn the art of breaking with the kids.

I felt welcome in the movement spot right away and appreciated the joyful mixture of people from all walks of life. As a member of the board, I can use my project work to ensure that the movement can realise its vision and attract more and more people!

"The destination of my next trip is a place with beautiful nature and good food within walking, cycling or railroad distance."

What is the most adult thing you do?

To support a sustainable and climate-friendly lifestyle at work and to live it out in everyday life.

Worst hype you've been through?

Watching dirty dancing several times in the cinema.

Coffee or tea?

Herbal tea, otherwise there is a risk of hyperactivity.

Morning or night person?

Definitely morning: the early morning hours are the most precious of the day for me!

Stay like this or change?

Change a little every day: Going through life open and curious makes life colourful!