Clara Fasse

Management | Operations management

I am a project manager to the core. I studied English literature and cultural anthroplogy. In 2019 I completed a further training in "Management in Nonprofit Organizations". Until 2019 I was mainly working in the music industry and gained administrative and practical experience with the SWR Symphony Orchestra (D), the Basel Symphony Orchestra and the tour management of the Junge Deutsche Philharmonie in Frankfurt (D).

However, as a child of the nineties in Stuttgart, my music heart has been beating for hip-hop since my youth. Especially German lyrics from Freundeskreis, the Beginner or Massive Töne have always inspired me and therefore accompanied and shaped me.

My "all time heavy rotation" includes albums like Bambule, Quadratur des Kreises, Music Monks, Panique Celtique, The Blueprint and 2001.

Eins für den Rap, zwei für die Bewegung

Von klein auf geprägt durch die Umgebung

Es ist nicht, wo Du bist, es ist, was Du machst

(Massive Töne, Mutterstadt)

I consider my task at the movement to be strengthening the professional foundation for the movement spot while maintaining the cordial and familiar structures.