Coskun Erdogandan aka «Tuff Kid»

initiator | management | artistic direction

Chief Executive Officer
Dancer / Choreographer

Medical training therapist

Coskun Erdogandan alias B-Boy Tuff Kid, born and raised in CH- Basel wins breaking competitions at the age of fourteen. After his participation in several prestigious European and World Championships he soon became one of the best B-Boys in the world. Coskun perfomed in more than 40 countries and participated as competitor, judge or special guest in numerous worldwide renowned dance events. Besides competitions, shows and workshops he danced in theatres with dance companies like CHOREAM and as a solo artist. In Switzerland, his crew Basel City Attack laid the foundation for the acceptance and inclusion of HipHop Dance in theatre productions. He also performed for various international artists and industrial companies such as Adidas, Nike or Coca-Cola.

Tuff Kid is credited with inventing and popularizing powerful breaking moves that inspired B-Boys and B-Girls around the world and have become the standard in breaking ever since. This made him one of the most influential and respected B-Boys of his generation in the late 1990s and early 2000s. In 2015 he won the Respecanize Award (recognition for an exceptional contribution to the breaking and hip hop culture).

He is also one of the founders and artistic directors of the movement.

"I never leave my home without a purpose."

What sound are you hearing right now?

Metallica – One

Worst hype you've been through?

Danced in DJ Tatanas Videoclip

What superpower would you like?

Maximum utilization of my potential of body, mind and soul.