Lucas del Rio Estévez

co-founder | deputy management | artistic director

I am a dancer, a movement person, a music and art lover, and much more. At the moment I am developing into a choreographer (MA Dance Choreography at the ZHdK, Zurich). Before that I studied cultural anthropology and media studies.

As a child and teenager I was a passionate athlete, drummer, comics fan and lover of hip hop culture. After a failed study of economics and a life crisis I discovered my love and fascination for dance. In addition to dance, music and art, other topics such as philosophy, spirituality, wisdom and the nature and potential of the human body and mind accompany me in particular.

I founded the movement together with Coskun and Jason because it is a platform with which we can achieve a sustainable effect through various projects. In my view, movement, art and community are of ever-increasing importance for our society in order to develop our potential as individuals and as a society.

the movement is the expression of our love, passions and talents. We hope that it will inspire many people and create new possibilities and opportunities for future generations.

"I never leave my home without a good mindset."

Which song has influenced you?

Nach Scratch - El Club de Los Olvidados

What is the most adult thing you do?

Don't just yell when I feel like it.

What superpower would you like?

Ultra fast regeneration - to sleep less and implement more ideas.

Coffee or tea?