Raphaël Vergères

Course instructor Karate

Since 2004, children, teenagers and adults have been practicing Shotokan Kenpo Karate with Raphaël Vergères in the "Shenxin Karate School". Raphaël is both the headmaster and the main teacher.

His Karate path led him from Basel to Neuchâtel and on to Bensheim (DE). Raphael holds the 3rd Dan.

Shenxin is a composition of two Chinese words. Shen, the mind and Xin, the heart. These are also the generic terms of the karate school, because the mind should be trained and fought with heart.

"In my classes, I do not fill vessels but light a fire so that karate is not only practiced in the dojo, but also taken into everyday life." (Raphaël Vergères, course instructor)

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"I never leave home without my cell phone."

Which song has shaped you?

I was not so much influenced by songs as by film music, especially by Hans Zimmer

What superpower would you like?

It would be great if my office work could take care of itself.

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