Regina Graf

Member of the Board | Finance

Bachelor of Arts


Movement and dance have been with me all my life. Certainly also because I was able to express the music and the connected feelings. My curiosity about different sports is big and so I was able to learn many "moves" from ballet to jazz to cross fit.

I can therefore identify with the vision of the movement - promoting children, young people and adults and their development of potential through movement, education and hip hop culture - and I am pleased to be able to make a personal contribution to this in the board. Although my department of finance has little to do with the core business of the association, strategic financial management with the aim of developing a financially healthy organisation is also needed here, and therefore to enable the optimum for employees and members.

"My worst hype? Buffalos...."

What sound are you hearing right now?

Russ - Civil War

Morning or night person?

Everybody who knows me would say night person

Money or love?

Even though I'm in charge of the finances,I’d say love

Stay like this or change?

Remain authentic and develop yourself personally.