Sabrina Fermi Klotz

Vice President of the Board | Marketing | Nia® Teacher

Marketing consultant at diffrent design gmbh

Bachelor in Economics and Tourism Management

Master in Tourism Marketing

Certified Nia® White Belt Teacher

After six years of education abroad and 15 years of experience in Switzerland in marketing, sales, business development and project management, I felt the need of further development in a completely different direction and pay more attention to my health.

Since my youth I have become familiar with various holistic healing methods, attended various courses and seminars and in my everyday life I try to be and feel the here and now pay attention to the harmony of body, mind and soul. I practiced Yoga for over 10 years. A few years after the birth of my children, I simply felt the urge to move more, preferably to music. Looking for a mix between yoga, fitness and dance, I discovered Nia. After the first Nia Playshop this magic caught me. My journey continued with many more Nia classes and workshops.

Nia means to me joy of movement, self-healing and the freedom to simply be myself. During the training to become a Certified Nia® White Belt Teacher in 2019, I realized how much Nia influences my way of daily life, why it always feels so good and what is actually behind it all.

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What sound are you hearing right now?

Mana’ – De Pies a Cabeza

What place would you like to visit?

The Seychelles…

Morning or night person?

Morning person! ... even though my family is convinced of the opposite.

Money or Love

There is only love....