Timo Paris aka «T-Mo»

Course instructor Breaking

Dance instructor

Dancer, freelance artist, Student Bachelor in Visual Arts (FHNW Basel).

The practice and philosophy of Breaking work hand in hand and are deeply rooted in Timo's teaching and beyond. The transition between class and open practice training should be as natural as possible.

All students are welcome - those who like to challenge themselves and move forward as well as those who just want to let off steam and have fun.

«A teacher is never a giver of truth; he is a guide, a pointer to the truth that each students must find for himself.» (Bruce Lee)

"I never leave my home without headphones."

Which song has influenced you?
Brandhärd – Lebändigi Gschichte

Worst hype you've been through?

Durags and gold chains

What superpower would you like?

I would like to be able to beam

Morning or night person?

Morning person for productivity, night person to immerse